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Custom Headband
Custom Gallery

If you want to submit something to display in our Gallery, just contact us.

Annushka's Holy Communion

Custom made headband using over 100 sequin flowers are various sizes.  Cardigan also has Sequin Flower clasp but you cannot really see it!

Mackenzie's Prom Dress

Mackenzie is wearing a prom dress made by her mother, Machelle. It was accented by Linda with some strategically placed Sequin Flowers!


Mackenzie also wears Sequin Flowers in her hair. Her date, who wears a matching tie, flew in from Australia! A long way for a date but you an see it was worth it!

Annushka as a Fairy

Annushka is wearing a Sequin Flower Headband. It just tops off her fairy dress so well!

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